Elder Scrolls Online no longer requires real money to buy loot boxes

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Before, the ESO players may be very distressed, because they need to use cash to buy loot boxes.

Before, the ESO players may be very distressed, because they need to use cash to buy loot boxes. But now MMORPG games allow players to earn Crown Crate merchandise without having to consider the actual wallet. In Update 30, the Endeavours system is a daily to weekly task with optional side tasks, including tasks such as using specific equipment to kill enemies or making certain items. These tasks provide some usual rewards, such as ESO Gold and Seals of Endeavour , A new currency. Players can replace Seals of Endeavour with anything related to the crown box. This can range from consumables (such as XP scrolls and potions) to rare mounts or pets, all of which can be used in rotation.

Players’ seals are permanent and stackable, which means that once the players have them, they are the player’s own until the players need to use them. If there is nothing that the player likes, they will be very convenient. Previously, players could only get Crown Crates through Crowns, which can be purchased on Steam or on the official website. This is a welcome change, but it has caught the attention of people in the community who are curious about pricing, item rotation.

It complies with Microsoft’s loot box policy, one of which stipulates that “the items in the loot box can always be obtained through the game.” Players can get ESO Gold or other rewards by completing various tasks in the game, and then use these rewards to purchase the equipment and items they want in the game.

For some players, the ESO Gold got in the game is enough, but for some players who want to take the game to the next level, the ESO Gold that has taken a lot of time to get is still far from enough. If you want to get a lot of ESO Gold, the most direct way is to buy ESO Gold, which seems to be the easiest way. ESO players who are interested in this hurry and act now!

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