What changes did Blizzard make to WoW Burning Crusade Classic?

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What changes did Blizzard make to WoW Burning Crusade Classic?

As we all know, WoW Classic was originally a faithful remake of WoW in 2006, but in order to cater to a more modern audience, Burning Crusade Classic is making some improvements. Therefore, players can not only recall the Burning Crusade in 2007, but also try different game content.

Since the TBC Classic Gold Raiders of WoW Classic are so good, Blizzard will use the pre-weakened version of Burning Crusade's Raiders. This means that the boss will do more damage and have more HP, so the raid in Burning Crusade will be more difficult. The Blood Seal was originally only used by Horde Paladins, and now Alliance Paladins will also get it. This is because the Seal of Blood is better than the Alliance version, so this is done to maintain faction balance.

The arena matching system is being overhauled to make it more accessible and in line with the modern experience. This includes a series of adjustments, but the biggest one is that the arena team will be able to have substitutes. If someone can't log in and play, they can substitute. This is a nice change for PvPers. The search group tool originally included in Burning Crusade will be modernized. However, it will not have an automatic matching function like the dungeon finder in modern WoW. But it will have better features, so players can find people to group more easily.

In addition, Blizzard is selling one-time character level upgrades. This will allow dirty casual workers to jump into the dark portal without first having to hone their level 60 characters in WoW Classic. However, there are some restrictions. The promotion is not to skip Classic TBC Gold levels, but to help players catch up with friends or tourists who just want to quickly solve the nostalgia problem. It is worth noting that the promotion is only applicable to Burning Crusade Classic, not to WoW Classic. Players cannot upgrade draenei or blood elf characters, and can only purchase one upgrade per account.

In the past, if players wanted to switch roles, they had to wait until the expansion pack was over, which made them far behind the guild members. However, this time, Blizzard will prepare for the release with a special pre-expansion event, allowing players to start blood elf paladins and draenei shamans as soon as possible, so they can raise them to 60 before the Dark Portal opens. class. If the player intends to play the blood elves of Draenei, players will be able to start upgrading the character before the release of Burning Crusade Classic. In addition, if players buy a large amount of TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS, they will gain a greater advantage.