Team Cleaning Can Cut Office Janitorial Costs

Every business and nonprofit organization these days is trying to regain its financial footing after the pandemic and budgets are under scrutiny. During your expense review, check how much you're spending on your janitorial staff and consider outsourcing. Even in expansive locations such as New York City, the best office cleaning NYC offers is less costly than paying in-house staff. Thanks to efficiency gains, skilled janitorial services can produce better results with the same budget. For example, they use team methods instead of zone cleaning in larger offices. It maximizes each technician's time around the office.

Because of the way we clean at home, most people envision zone cleaning when they think about the process used for offices. But newer team methods have taken over because the same crew can do more in less time when following it. With a team approach, each person is assigned a task and makes a clean sweep through an entire office. One person is emptying the trash while another is mopping the floors. It saves time when people aren't switching between tasks and equipment. Think of a janitor's cart and all the items on it. Taking out and putting away each of them takes up valuable time.

When janitors work more efficiently with team methods, their jobs are less tedious and as morale improves, so do the cleaning results – all at no additional cost. It's why outsourcing to a service with well-trained technicians using the most up-to-date methods matters so much. People notice clean offices, and when they aren't, you can expect your colleagues to be affected. Small details like dusting and wiping away fingerprints have a significant beneficial effect. Therefore, when you interview prospective contractors, ask to see their checklists and make sure they include above the floor cleaning.

It's also wise to inquire about the frequency of services. Believe it or not, reducing some services can maintain the same results for less money. Call them out if checklists are padded with repetitious tasks that could be done twice a week instead of daily. When technicians are focused on the needed jobs and nothing more, you'll be maximizing your investment. Today, most companies want increased disinfecting and sanitizing protocols added to their daily service. Even though airborne transmission of the coronavirus is more common, shared touchpoints can be disinfected with the proper sanitizers.