Major Risks of Underage Drinking

Whenever we communicate about underage drinking, the issues mainly revolve around the legal aspects of underage alcohol or drug use, however no one ever talks about the health issues which are related to it, and also the mental effect the whole situation would cause. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India thus states that the young individuals are still going within the process of learning where the reasonable logic for judgement is at a sincere lag, as they have the major pressure of peer effect. More than 85% of individuals gauge into this drama where the introduction to alcohol in this stage is because of the peer pressure which thus adds severe extra challenge which also makes the procedure more difficult indeed to make positive decisions too.
Hence, if one is consuming alcohol before the age of 21, then the parents should be concerned about such an issue and should also contact a qualified medical professional, where the reduction of underage drinking should include the following steps. They are a follows:
● Parents should have a regular conversation with their teens about alcohol consumption and also about drug consumption
● The conversations should be highly open without any peer pressure involvement
● The individual should understand the negative effects of drug and alcohol use at any age
● One should also talk about the activities of sexual assault and how they are related with alcoholism and drug abuse
● A strong relationship with your child is a must where they have the audacity to feel comfortable at all times.
Also, there are a number of reasons which conclude that teenagers should not drink, the factors are as follows:
● Behavioural factors such as being a rebel or under peer pressure, one can have the audacity to drink, as several young people have the intention to experiment and then completely indulge themselves into such activities which can ultimately lead them to have a proper addiction.
● The influence of a family also affects the most as the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India thus states that young individuals have the tendency to copy and learn from their actions. Thus, if also one individual tends to see their guardian drinking or even they have a history of alcoholism, then the negative effects of alcoholism can be at terms.
● Media in today’s date stand to be a major effect as in the movies or web series drinking and intaking of drugs are usually considered or showcased to be absolute fun which is not ‘okay’ to telecast, where the underage kids mainly think the process to be more like a grown-up.
Therefore, some of the common emotional factors which contribute to underage drinking are as follows:
● Reduction of stress or any tension
● Having the feeling of being powerful and independent
● To fit within a social group
● Improvement of the level of confidence
● To have the feeling of being grown or mature

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