Understanding the Relationship of Rage and Alcoholism

The issue of alcoholism is often related to the increased action of anger, violence and rage which also at times imposes a threat to the well-being of the society, as alcoholism do contribute about more than 34% of the crimes committed in India. Alcoholism is thus intaked more than any other drug which is consumed in India which is one of the main cause of rapes, domestic violence, murder, child abuse and more. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus states that many individuals are prone to control their rage or anger issues and turn highly aggressive under the influence of alcohol consumption, as they face difficulty to execute their functions, whereas due to these impulsive control issues they tend to have the feeling of becoming more aggressive and violent in nature, which at times turns into a big crime as well.

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India states that alcohol dependency is thus closely tied with the aggressive action outcomes of an individual, where around 15% to 50% of individuals enter the rage phase after the consumption of alcohol on a daily basis. Whereas, individuals who do not consume on a regular pattern stick to moderate or low patterns of anger issues. Also, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai mentions the following types of disorders, where one is likely to enter under the influence of alcoholism and anger. They are as follows:
● Bipolar Disorder or Bipolarity is mainly a mood disorder in which around 30% of the ratio is of individuals engaged with alcohol issues who enter the phases of carrying around rage at a point of time, and at other times being absolute calm.
● Intermittent Explosive Disorder is another mental health disorder in which around 7% of individuals do enter every year, where again the manic phase comes and goes.
● Antisocial Personality Disorder, where individuals who have the symptoms of becoming isolated from the social life enter into the phase of mere depression and also become irritated, are likely because of the influence of alcohol.
Under the influence of alcohol individuals have the chance of entering into being diagnosed with any of the above mentioned disorders as the physical side of chronic anger is also involved within the personality of the individual which takes a horrific turn at times. Therefore, when the individual enters into the stage of being irritated, angry or in stress, the speeding rate of it suddenly booms up making the individual crossing its limits at times. In this phase, the individual’s heart rate, respiratory system, and blood pressure and body temperature also increases, which at times can also result in the stage of receiving a heart attack.


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