Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the industry standard for managing company activities. SAP ERP is the most widely used product in this industry worldwide. It is employed in many different divisions of a firm since it encompasses all of the procedures outlined above. Furthermore, SAP BI (Business Intelligence), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and other SAP solutions are specifically suited for certain business segments. While SAP BI, for example, is a great tool for analyzing corporate data and so assisting in the making of crucial choices, SAP CRM is ideal for marketing, sales, and service. SAP products may be adjusted according to the demands of a firm in order to adapt them to its structure.

SAP CRM is suitable for marketing, sales, and service, while SAP BI is ideal for analyzing business data and thereby aiding in the making of critical decisions. SAP solutions may be customized to meet the needs of a company in order to fit into its structure. New apps and add-ons can be written in SAP's own coding language, ABAP if the internal customization technique isn't enough. The possibilities are endless.