Barriers Preventing the Treatment for SUDs in Rural Population

Substance use disorders are mostly common in the suburbs of rural India, where the individuals are highly involved with the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and more, which is gradually destroying the livelihood of the rural population with the destructive and rising cases of Substance Abuse cases on the run. Therefore, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India mentions some of the main barriers which prevent the treatment for substance abuse cases in rural India mainly. The barriers are as follows:

● The Requirement of a complicated system to take care: There are a limited number of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India, where to find the rightful treatment for SUDs is highly important as the requirement of group counseling to the facility of inpatient and outpatient treatment availability is a harsh requirement with additional service and processes on the go, which is sincerely at a lack currently.
● The lack of growth, communication and coordination between the government and many NGOs or agencies who have the zest to build up a strong community with equipped rehab centres on the go are not able to find a strong coordination of services by the government, where the fund or the service is at a larger risk which will eventually go into the field of absolute loss.
● The access to limited resources and personnels as the treatment program requires an extensive resource field with educational material and the need for continual training on the go with law enforcement and prevention programs. Because of the rural geographic location, it is thus hard to help such individuals as sending the requirements to such suburbs is a task which is very important yet difficult.
● The lack of mental health services in India stands to be a larger issue at interest as there are very few mental health services in the urban district and literally none in the rural areas. Thus, along with Substance Abuse, one required the need for a peaceful mind which can only be found with the guidance of strong mental health support.
● Lack of hospitals to treat substance abuse is another issue where inpatient residential beds would be at a sincere lag according to the adjacent urban cities on the move. Thus to treat them would be at a larger risk and a question.
● The most common issue is the matter of attaching stigma concern which is fitted into the mindset of rural people. Not seeking this matter as a concern of the society, the treatments in such small communities are not believed at all which again raises the question of sheer belief and the requirement to increase the matter of awareness and concern.

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