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#thereishope 21AUG2020:
I was raped at the age of 9 yet am one of the most influential women in the world" - *Oprah Winfrey!*

"I didn't even complete my university education but became the world richest man" - *Bill Gates!*

"I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my father as far back as I can remember until I left home at the age of eighteen yet I am one of the most influential preachers in d world" - *Joyce Meyer!*

"I struggled academically throughout elementary school yet became d best Neurosurgeons in d world in 1987" - *Dr. Ben Carson!*

"I told my father we would be very wealthy and rich but he couldn't believe me but today it's a reality" - *Christiano Ronaldo!*

"I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training and still became d world best footballer" - *Lionel Messi!*

"I used to sleep on the floor in friends' rooms, returning Coke bottles for food, money, and getting weekly free meals at a local temple yet founded apple" - *Steve Jobs!*

"My teachers used to call me a failure yet I became a Prime Minister" - *PM Tony Blair!*

"I started Living Faith Church from A Lawn Tennis Court with three members only & Preach prosperity. Many of my friends criticised me, but today we have d largest church auditorium in d world & two world-class universities"- *Bishop David Oyedepo!*

"I was in prison for 27 years and still became president."- *Nelson Mandela!*

"I drove taxi to finance my university education but today I'm a billionaire" - *Mike Adenuga!*

_*Failures or limitations of the past should not have control over the greatness in you. To him that believes, all things are possible.*

Don't wait for everybody to believe in your ability and dreams...most people that know your humble beginning will doubt you the most. If necessary, walk away from those who talk you down and don't believe in your big dreams!

Avoiding to design your life like a Garden where
anyone can walk in and out is key......

Aim high! Reach high!!!
Its your turn to make impact!!!. #ezenka1sharingthoughts