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Full Servo Straight Package Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

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Price $300000 (USD)
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China full servo sanitary napkin making machine supplier offers full servo straight package sanitary napkin making machine, high safty standard design.
Main Technical Parameters
◎Designed speed: 200m/min.
◎Running speed: 650pcs/min.
◎Qualified rate: 98%(based on 7.5 hours, rate of qualified amount and total amount, excluding caused by glue applicators failure).
◎Efficiency: ≥90%( based on 7.5 hours, practical productivity and theory productivity).
◎Installation Power: 300KW.
◎Practical capacity: 220kw (including glue applicators, single drum formation).
◎Breaker: 400A.
◎Electricity: 3 phases 4 lines 380v, 50HZ.