A good cup of coffee starts with a good grinder. This manual steel burr coffee grinder is a manual steel burr coffee grinder matched by Hunan Hecheng Yuanmai Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the shape of the coffee machine.Let the coffee beans release their original flavor when they collide with the grinder.
Manual steel burr coffee grinder uses ceramic grinding core, which does not generate heat when grinding, and retains the original flavor of coffee. The ceramic spiral pattern has the characteristics of smooth cutting and long-lasting durability. And the coarse and fine grinding can be adjusted, clockwise for fine grinding, and counterclockwise for coarse grinding.
Name:Manual steel burr coffee grinder
Material :304 stainless steel
Packing size: 6*6*16.5cm
One box of this product: 50pcs/box Weight: 13KG Carton size: 32*32*36cm
Uses: Suitable for home, cafe, etc.
1.Manual steel burr coffee grinder with rubber ring, ergonomic design, more stable with one hand, can also be non-slip, easy to disassemble and practical, with a slip pocket for easy storage and beautiful;
2. Detachable design of the whole body, each part is a fine product, exquisite structure development, stainless steel material, sturdy, wear-resistant, non-deformation;
3. Double shaft design, the double shaft is more stable and smooth, the less friction force is, the more stable it is, the bearing and the shaft center have high precision, the grinding is stable, and the powder is fine.China Manual Grinder factory