Committed Legal Representation by Child Custody Attorney Tustin
If you're facing a child custody, divorce, or any other family law issue, you can always trust Mr. Eric M Nakasu and his attorneys for experienced and committed legal representation. Eric is vastly experienced in family law matters, with decades of legal service provided to individuals and families in Tustin and adjoining areas in California.

As top child custody attorneys in Tustin, we understand that family disputes can take a huge emotional toll. This is why we work closely with our clients through every step of the process. Our diversely talented attorneys can build strong cases related to any family dispute. Whether you need an aggressive litigator or a skilled negotiator, Mr. Eric M Nakasu and his attorneys can help.

Winning a Child Custody Battle
To win custody of your child, it's imperative that you hire a child custody attorney Tustin who can prove that it's in your child's best interests that they live with you over the other parent.

There has to be sufficient evidence about how the child will be better suited to you. This evidence can include testimonies as well as documentary evidence. The court will then ask for more information, like where your child studies and what kind of environment they'd be living in, among other factors.

The flash of the other parent can also improve your chances of winning primary custody. Your child custody Attorney Tustin can identify ways to win you complete custody of your child.

If the judge is of the opinion that both parents can still reach an agreement, they can refer you to mediation. An expert mediator will help you both to resolve your custody differences in an out-of-court process. If an agreement is reached via mediation, you can approach the court to get it ratified.

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