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Why Animated Explainer Video Easily Connects with Viewers? Any Scientific Reasons Behind this?

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Why Animated Explainer Video Easily Connects?

Probably You don’t realize it, but you’re triggering all types of chemical reactions in your brain and body when you watch business videos.

From when that animation first hit your retina to the animated call-to-action at the end, you are experiencing the gratified in a way that text cannot compare to.

We all already know that video is more exciting than text, but let’s talk about what’s going on in the noddle when you’re watching the video.

So if you haven’t watched the video already, go ahead and watch it.

If you do not want to kickstart those visual reactions in your head, read below for some scientific reasons why animated video is the best way to connect with your preferred Audience.

Storage of Memory:

First off, visuals are stored in your “long-term memory bank,” which has more space than your short-term one.

This makes the video for your business more likely to slab with the spectator down the line.

So, suppose a prospective client is measuring you against the trial.

A homepage video may work better when making a final decision or offering different options to their leaders.

There are multiple ways to stand out, but corporate animated video tucks itself away better than the written word.

Processing Speed of Animated Videos:

The visuals last longer in the human brain, but they’re also processed faster on the front end.

Visuals are processed 60k times faster in the brain than text is.

That means you can pack a lot of content into video than text because your Audience’s brain can manage the workload.

Although that processing speed is quite impressive, don’t try to push the human brain too much through your animated explainer video.

People should not feel like they’re working hard when watching your video.

Processing Location:

So, visuals are handled faster, but how will that better connect with the Audience’s feelings?

Visual memory is encoded in the human brain’s medial temporal lobe, exactly where emotions are refined.

That makes it smooth to knock a nerve literally.

While people’s brains process your video at such high speeds, they connect with the material on a human level and attach emotions to what they see on screen. So, use that to your advantage.

At 75seconds, we always think about the story we are trying to tell and the feelings we are looking to provoke from our Audience since we know viewers will always have a visceral reaction to a business video.

Connectivity with The Humans Brain

40% of human brain nerve fibers are connected to the eye retina.

It is like a subway of information from our eyeballs to our brain cells. Seeing that our brain boosts our entire body, a lot of nerve fiber is dedicated to our eyes.

Our Visual Learning

That connectivity is a huge reason why 90% of all information about the brain is visual.

That leaves a pretty limited amount of non-visual information.

This is a vast reason why it’s estimated that 65% of people are considered “visual learners.”

If most people prefer to gasp through video or visuals, why don’t you produce an explainer video to connect with your audience?

Whether your video has voice narration or not, these visual learners will appreciate a well-executed video to help them better understand your message.

Keep Focus On The Audience

Video doesn’t mean you can collect any visuals into your 60-second project and make an impact and meaningful connection with your concerned audience.

Let’s understand this with an example when off-topic graphics in any video appear on the audience screen.

The audience will unconsciously try to get the message and reason for the graphics in that video — getting distracted without really knowing it.

Try to hand-craft visuals that make sense to the voice narration or core content so that viewers stay keen on what message you want to convey to them.

It’s okay to have viewers connect some points, but do not add any random character in your video because you think it’s cute or force viewers to do too much.

Movement Grabs More Attention from the Audience

When anyone watches any video with an animated character, the character shows a different kind of body language.

They make motions like body movements or hand movements that help us understand body language easily.

This kind of body language grabs our attention and helps us get a hold of the main motto of the content quickly.

Voice Conveys Rich Information

Voice-over conveys much more information to us than just a simple text, and it helps us understand a situation better and enter the world of our imagination.

We like to pay attention to the character’s body language when they try to convey their message to us, and we also pay attention to the words.

They help us to analyze the situation better. Voice allows us to imagine a scene and see all the possibilities of a case to get a suitable solution.

Videos are Entertaining

Watching educational videos is an entertaining way for us to gather information and serve other purposes rather than reading books. You can check the 75seconds, Best Explainer Video Company Videos.

Reading gives monotonous pressure, and we get distracted easily; it’s also time-consuming.


After seeing the above facts and figures, it is evident that a handcrafted unique animated explainer video needs will be an essential part of your business.

This should not be limited to your website homepage.

You can use some educational videos across your customer’s entire buying journey.

And also, you can use these videos on your social media platform to get the attention of your target audience.

But first, better understand your audience and their needs with your product.

So, if you have not yet, maybe now is the time to experiment with some videos for your business.

Whether it is an educational video or a customer testimonial video.

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