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Hand-woven fabrics are made by using handlooms, that is, they do not need any electricity and hence do not cause any pollution. Fabrics that are hand-woven consist of a few irregularities that can’t be seen in machine-woven fabrics. According to legends, it was said that a man learned the technique to make strings from fibers 20,000 years ago. By 5000 BC, people in Egypt learned to make fabric from linen fibers. Hand-woven fabrics can also be made from organically produced fibers which are then dyed with natural colors making them sustainable.
For making this fabric, industries appoint several individuals in various nations like Ethiopia and India where people can easily work from their houses. Hand-woven fabrics are in general very fragile, loosely woven, and need special care. While stitching the fabric an individual has to be very careful while cutting as well as sewing the hand-woven fabric.
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