What does BIS license full form mean?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) authorizes the product quality, safety, and credibility of the products by providing them with approval guidelines. It is a form of authorization that is discrete in nature. BIS was founded in 1986 with the enactment of the European Parliament. BIS certification and reporting are based on inspections, audits, product certification, and product authentication.
BIS is an independent non-profit organization that works to coordinate efforts between market participants, i.e., insurance providers, producers, and other representatives of the grantor consumer organizations, to guarantee the quality of merchandise. International Organization for Standardization Certification is also known as BIS Certification.

Documentation used during government registration is uploaded to online resources, displaying a photo of the driver's license or a proof of address. A signature made by the CEO of the business company affirming that the brand belongs to the business, a consent letter from the merchandise owner of the products that goods are approved for such as if required), or a letter of authorization directly from the brand owner of that company is required.