Italian-Swiss holidays: cities and places worth seeing
It is most convenient to travel by car and it is better to book it in advance. The most affordable prices are usually from Avis, Budget, Sixt and Hertz, or better use the Cars Scanner app !

When you go to Switzerland, do not forget to buy a special vignette at the border - a pass for Swiss roads. It is a square green card with a freeway pattern and is placed under the windshield. It costs about 40 euros and is valid for 1 year. Do not even think about saving on this - pay a fine of 85 euros!

Speaking of fines - keep an eye on the speedometer. The roads, especially in Switzerland, are ideal, but the fines are simply cosmic! For exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 km / h, fines exceed one and a half thousand (!) Euros and up to prison! No wonder all the locals do not break the rules and the roads are completely safe!


Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is the city of dreams! There is an incredible Swiss atmosphere here, everything is clear, clean, perfect! I want to come here again and again. Just imagine: palm trees everywhere, a long pedestrian promenade along the lake, a park area, an alley with trees that bloom unrealistically beautifully in spring, as well as a huge number of flower beds with bright flowers against the backdrop of the snowy Alps!

Lugano is one of the most expensive cities. The average check for dinner in a restaurant with alcohol for two is about 120 euros. Fast food like McDonald's is also more expensive here - about 10-15 euros for lunch per person.

In its architecture, the city resembles Italy, since it is located in close proximity to the border, but despite my love for Italy, it is still incomparable with it! As in all of Switzerland, perfect cleanliness reigns here, even the sidewalks are washed with foam (!) and vacuumed.