What exactly is Dordle?
Dordle is a Wordle clone designed for players who think they only need 3-4 guesses to figure out each day's Wordle. For these players, Dordle, or should we say Wordle2, provides an exciting answer.

Dordle is a far more challenging take on Wordle's formula, as described by its developer Guilherme S. Töws as "Wordle plus Wordle." You must guess two words at the same time in seven tries, each with a five-letter guess. These difficult words are divided into two grids, each of which works independently of the other.

So, instead of Dordle, why not Absurdle, Lewdle, Primel, or one of the countless Wordle clones? Because you don't have to wait till tomorrow to enjoy Dordle's word-guessing adventure. Yes, you can play Dordle even if you've completed the challenge for the day. That is one of the reasons for the attraction.

Aside from the rules and game strategy, Dordle is a completely free HTML5-based word-guessing game that can be played in only a few clicks. Continue reading to learn how to play Dordle.

What is the best way to play Dordle?
Dordle is not an app, contrary to popular belief. The only method to play this multitasking version of Worlde is to go to the zaratustra.itch.io/dordle website.

Now that you're ready to enter Dordle's realm of simultaneous word guessing, here's a quick list of pointers to help you account for Dordle's renowned 2-grid twist.